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Triatine Sports Drink was developed by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo research scientists to enhance endurance exercise performance and provide the ultimate recovery.

Triatine Sports Drink is used by professional athletes, sports teams, and those who live an active lifestyle.

Triatine Sports Drink delivers the perfect blend of fuel your body requires throughout your workouts and athletic events. It combines great taste, hydration, and natural energy in one convenient product.

All Triatine products contain carbohydrates, Creatine (Amino-Acids), and sodium bicarbonate in a proper ratio to sustain energy levels, increase endurance performance, and maximize ultimate recovery.

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Triatine "The Perfect Blend" is made up of Amino Acids, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carbohydrates and Electrolytes (all natural ingredients). The key is all of them working together giving muscles the power and hydration to work harder and longer. Triatine does not contain caffeine or give you a 'sugar' rush. It stimulates your body’s own production of energy in the mitochondria to allow complete absorption and enhance exercise performance.

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