Two-Year Supplementation of Sodium Bicarbonate is Safe and Improves Health and Kidney Function

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Creatine Supplementation Increases Health and Lifespan

Study showed Creatine supplementation is neuro-protective, improving lifespan (survival) and health in mice

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Low Creatine Levels in Vegetarians

Low Creatine levels in vegetarians increased to normal with Creatine supplementation

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Creatine Enhances Energy Production

Creatine Supplementation Enhances Anaerobic ATP Synthesis during a single 10-second maximal hand-grip exercise

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About Triatine

Natural Prolonged Energy Without Caffeine - The Perfect Blend

Developed by Cal-Poly research scientists, Triatine provides energy to enhance endurance exercise performance, with carbohydrates, Creatine (Amino-Acids - the smallest amount tested for the greatest ergogenic effect) and sodium bicarbonate in a proper ratio to sustain energy levels, increase endurance performance, and maximize recovery with only 60 calories per serving.

Powerful Performance

Triatine is used by professional athletes, sports teams, and those who live an active lifestyle. Run longer. Bike harder. Swim faster. Be stronger.

Train Harder with Triatine

Scientifically proven in numerous studies, all-natural Triatine will increase your endurance performance with Creatine and our “big 3” ingredients.

How Does Triatine Work to Enhance Endurance and Maximize Recovery?

  • Triatine is the first and only product designed to take advantage of the benefits of Creatine, a product traditionally used by body builders to increase muscle size. Creatine is widely studied and scientifically proven to increase performance. 
  • Triatine uses a proper balance of pharmaceutical-grade Creatine Monohydrate (which occurs naturally to supply energy) and combines it with carbohydrates and sodium bicarbonate to allow complete absorption, optimize endurance performance, and maximize ultimate recovery. 
  • Triatine is university-designed and scientifically tested to enhance cardiovascular endurance exercise up to 15%. 
  • Triatine does not contain caffeine or supply a 'sugar' rush.
  • Triatine stimulates the body's production of energy in the mitochondria. 
  • Triatine was scientifically developed and experimentally tested by Todd Hagobian, Ph.D., a nationally-recognized and externally-funded researcher at California Polytechnic State University.

Creatine Supplementation Improves Cognitive and Brain Health

Neuropsychol Dev Cogn B Aging Neuropsychol Cogn. 2007 Sep;14(5):517-28.
McMorris T, Mielcarz G, Harris RC, Swain JP, Howard A. School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, University of Chichester, College Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 6PE, UK

Study showed Creatine supplementation increased cognition and memory tasks in elderly individuals

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PlanNet Properties LLC

Creatine Increases Memory in Vegetarians

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Get more out of exercise with Triatine


Key Ingredients
Unique blend of Carbohydrates, Creatine (enhance energy production, improve cognitive and brain health), Sodium Bicarbonate (improve health and kidney function), Stevia (0 calorie natural sweetener) with other hydration vitamins and minerals.


  • Contains no caffeine
  • Prolonged energy without a 'sugar' rush
  • Scientifically designed and clinically tested to increase endurance performance and maximize recovery

Caffeine Energy Drinks Negatively Alter Heart Function

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Ingestion of Sodium Bicarbonate and Carbohydrates Increase Absorption of Creatine
Subcellular Biochemistry.  McCall, Persky.  University of North Carolina

Study shows the Creatine absorption in the body is enhanced when taken with sodium and/or carbohydrates

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Triatine Products

FLAVORS: Orange, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch

POWDER BY THE TUB: Convenient and Economical.
Mix a single scoop from our 800-gram tub with six ounces of water to provide the energy you need.

POWDER BY THE BOX: Single Serving Packets
Simple and convenient, our single serving packet is big on energy.  Ideal for long runs and bike rides, or for a 'pick me up' during a long day. Simply mix and drink.

GEL: Perfectly designed to keep you going and going, mile after mile, day after day.  Easily digestible and convenient. Works so fast, there are no limits to your performance.

Increase Exercise Performance 15%
Train Harder Recover Faster

What is Stevia? What are the health benefits of Stevia?

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Research Studies

Triatine Versus Carbohydrate Alone

Hagobian. California Polytechnic State University

Double-blind study found ingestion of the ingredients in Triatine, relative to placebo, increased endurance exercise performance by 15%. Ingestion of Carbohydrate alone increased performance by 4%.
RESULT: Triatine is more effective at increasing endurance exercise performance than carbohydrate alone

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Creatine/Sodium Bicarbonate Versus Creatine Alone
Barber, McDermott, McGaughey, Olmstead, Hagobian. California Polytechnic State University

Randomized, double-blind study on effects of combined Creatine and sodium bicarbonate supplementation on repeated sprint performance in trained men showed that Creatine combined with sodium bicarbonate increased performance by 7%. Creatine alone increased performance by 4%.
RESULT: Creatine combined with sodium bicarbonate is more effective than Creatine alone at increasing exercise performance.

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